Return Policy

Return Policy Return Policy Return Policy

Return Policy:

If you need assistance regarding a defective unit or troubleshooting contact our customer service department. You have two choices to start a claim for your unit; we can be reached by phone call or online.

Staring cases:

When contacting our customer service over the phone, we will ask you to provide your model & serial # to proceed with claim. Once we have gotten your model & serial # we will ask the reason for your call. We will assist with troubleshooting before continuing with the warranty claim for a defective unit. Completing the troubleshooting if the unit still does not work, we will now file a claim and need the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Full Home Address (No PO Box)
  • Contact #
  • Proof of purchase or point of sale

Pictures required:

  • Front of the unit, turned on or showing the full screen and the defect including the power indicator light.
  • Full view of the back unit
  • Back of the unit showing the serial number and model number label. (Showing a clear view of both Model & Serial # of defective unit.)

Once we have gotten the requirement information, we will proceed by having the unit being shipped to our warehouse to fulfil the warranty claim. Once we received the unit we will see if a replacement unit is available to you if not a refund check for purchase amount excluding sales tax will be issued.
Refurbished Replacement Grade A:
If you have received a replacement for your original unit, your warranty claim will be for the remaining time from purchase date or 90 days from unit being sent whichever is longer.


If your claim is resolved with a refund, it will be for purchase price excluding sales tax which takes 3-5 weeks.

Warranty Policy:

Refurbished Product Customer Service
Contact # 1-800-838-4813
90 Day Limited Warranty from purchase date
Warrants this product against defects in materials for a period of Ninety (90) days from the original date of purchase by the consumer.

Exclusions to Warranty:

  • Any product that has been modified or repaired by any other party.
  • Any accessory or item consumed through abnormal use.
  • Any cosmetic damage to the surface.
  • Any damage caused by external or environmental conditions.
  • Any product used for commercial purposes.